New Script and Telefilm's "Pitch This" 2015

Summer 2015. Just finished a new feature screenplay, developed over the past few years but did intensive work on it in Banff this past June at the Leighton Colony, Cardinal Cabin where I understand KD Lang was before me. Great vibes in that round cedar wood structure, so thanks KD. Felt like I was living inside a snail, but a beautiful wooden snail.Had to dig deep and be incredibly patient with my process while continuing to trust and carve my way though the mountain of challenges, confusion, ambitiousness of the story (stories, cause there's seven of them in this feature), in the midst of an incredible environment which beckoned, often when it was necessary to stay indoors and keep nose to the grindstone. Climbed many mountains while I was there. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Great world out there, some wonderful new creative friends. Especially enjoyed our jam sessions accompanied by action painting. Took me another 6 weeks afterwards to finish a first draft. It was worth it.  

It's the end of August now, and I'm excited to be coaching Telefilm pitches again this year. Very talented teams and great projects. See you Sept. 13, 4:30 p.m at Glen Gould Theatre. 

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