Howie Wiseman - Screenwriter/Director/Professor

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Howard Wiseman is a Writers Guild of Canada Award-Winning writer for his CBC radio miniseries adaptation of Mordecai Richler’s “Barney’s Version,”  Gemini-nominated for co-adapting Richler’s novel, “St. Urbain’s Horseman,” for CBC TV, and a Gemini-nominated director (“EXHIBIT A”).

He developed and directed the pilot for the popular U.S./Canadian TV series “Masterminds” and over 30 episodic TV episodes as either writer, writer/director on "72 Hours:True Crime and "EXHIBIT A," also story-editor on two seasons. He has written many hours of childrens' television and exec producer "Kidsworks" 8 hours of animation by kids.

His feature comedy, “My Family Treasure,” was produced in Moscow in which he played the role of the Russian"Sherrif." A screenplay based on this play, "Midnight Train to Georgia" is currently in development in Tel Aviv. His murder mystery “Shadowman,” also set in Tel Aviv, features characters from diverse communities, including Israeli Ashkenazi, Ethiopian, Russian, British, Yeminite, and Palestinian. "Shadowman" is in development to be shot in Tel Aviv and produced by Marek Rozenbaum, Transfax.

Wiseman was a special guest of the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival in 2012, and a member of Canada's delegation to the Jerusalem Film Festival in 2013. He is a longtime coach of Telefilm's feature film "Pitch This" at the Toronto International Film festival. His teams have won the grand prize three times. 

As a resident of the Leighton Colony at the Banff Art  Centre in 2015, Wiseman developed his latest feature, "Museum of The Broken-Hearted, " set in Toronto, Zagreb, Williamsburg, and Tel Aviv and Ramallah. 

Wiseman's plays include “Mother Of Pearl,” “The Iron Curtain,” and the “The Year of The Flood,” featuring Gary Farmer (Jim Jarmusch and Johnny Depp's "Dead Man").  

2018 -story editor/story consultant,  "My Dearest Sister," feature documentary (writer/director Kyoka Tsukamoto;

return to Leighton Colony Writers' Retreat, Banff Centre July/Aug. 

Howard Wiseman (MFA, University of Southern California) is an Associate Professor of Screenwriting at York University where he has taught since 2006.